Gambling in Arizona or Ohio?

It is well known that Senator Jon Kyl is against online gambling. He has been very vocal in the fact that he thinks it should remain illegal, and has fought hard against the regulation or legalization of the industry. Someone might have wanted to tell his home state of Arizona that.

It seems that a company called Charity Stakes LLC has started online gambling in his state, and so far they are doing well. They have launched a membership based online gambling site that has three charities linked to it. They will receive the money from the online gambling that goes on at the site.

You can log on to Casinoslots and get your no deposit bonus codes, and know that you are doing some good. You get unlimited access to four online casino games, with $5 of your money going to charity, and $5 going to winners’ pools.

Within the site you can choose other venues to donate to as well. You can even send money to either the Democratic National Committee or the Republican National Committee now isn;t that a kick in the pants! The same group that wants online gambling illegal will be benefiting from it.

However, there are also worthy charities like the American Cancer Society and the Make A Wish Foundation that will benefit greatly from your donations. You can play as much as you want, and not only that, but you will have chances to win huge cash prizes and contests. As they are not actually having you gamble with your money, and thus not losing your money, you can have online gambling all you want.

Some people are wondering why online gambling is legal in Ohio, and yet none of the other states are allowing it. Online gambling has long been a thorn in the side of the United States Government, and you have to assume that they are not pleased by this recent turn of events.

As of today, the state of Ohio is allowing online gambling, and they are excited by the money that they are going to bring in. They say that because it is an online keno lottery game that it isn’t the same thing as online gambling and they don’t think the US is going to have a problem with it.

As many states have been kicking around the idea of doing their own kind of intra state online gambling – most notably California and Nevada – they have to be watching carefully to see what kind of line the state of Ohio is walking with their online gambling foray. It is now legal to participate in online gambling through 1,001 statewide agents.

Customers can play the keno online lottery game in the state and it is expected to bring in somewhere around $70 million a year for the state. They say that without the online gambling, they don’t know how they are going to be able to meet their budget, and that while the economy is the way it is, they need additional help within the state to maintain many of the programs that they would otherwise have had to cut.

The money from the online gambling will go to things like education, and many within the state say that they have no objection to the online lottery. Many don’t feel that it is the same as online gambling – like slots, poker, etc. – as it is only the lottery. And they say that you can go to any store and get that legally now.